Question How You Think About Money

Most people think about money like this...

"Money will make me happy, feel more secure, or give me freedom."

You can fill in the blank with your own phrase. ⁣

But really, money is just energy. And so are you. ⁣

Money can't give you anything you don't feel you already have inside you. Like it or not, this is true of all things.

"Looking for something else on the outside to fill you up, make you whole or feel better is operating from SCARCITY and LACK.

Take your power back from the limiting beliefs of 'life will be better when...' and you find true ABUNDANCE. ⁣"

Let's be clear, there is nothing wrong with wanting, having, spending, enjoying, giving, sharing, or saving money. ⁣

Money is a beautiful sacred energy that gives us the freedom of choice.  Money is an indicator of your impact - and you deserve to be massively compensated for the good work you do in the world!

I’m a big believer that abundant empowered women make positive choices that change the world.⁣ We literally shift the planet in our abundance, empowerment and wealth!

⁣But don't use NOT having money or wanting more money, as your excuse for not living your best life now. ⁣

I would argue it is everyone woman's most important assignment to step into the highest version of herself. Making that choice is up to you, in each and very moment.⁣

The path to abundance is an emotional path first. We create the path by getting present with our emotions and choosing how we direct our own energy.  Thus it follows, that the path to financial freedom is created out of feeling aligned with our own abundance and the abundance around us.  

I hear so many of you wanting to create more money, freedom, joy, love, and happiness in your experience. ⁣

The truth is we all get caught up chasing things, projects, people or circumstances that we think will make us happy, whole, free, or feel more abundant. Ever said, "I will finally feel good, once I lose 10 pounds."

Then you know, it never works.


You can’t wait for your healing to feel wholeness - you have to feel wholeness for healing to occur.

You can’t wait for a relationship to experience love. You have to feel love so the relationship finds you.

You can’t wait for a new job to feel empowered. You have to feel empowered by the thought of a new job.

You can't wait to be skinny to feel self love. You have to feel self love to take action to lose the weight.

You can’t wait for your bank account to be overflowing to feel abundant. You have to feel abundant first, to generate wealth.

Are you getting this?

The best advice....

Stop talking about what isn't working for you. ⁣

Stop waiting for something else to fix it for you.⁣

Stop complaining about what you don't have.⁣

Stop focusing on the LACK.

Find the energy of ABUNDANCE within you NOW and you will ACTIVATE everything you DESIRE. 

Make up the story of what you DO WANT. ⁣

EMBODY it with your ENERGY NOW.

Find the things to feel grateful for and abundant about in your life now. Start appreciating and noticing it all.

This will shift the energy of your emotional path and create the reality you desire to begin taking shape.

Feel into that. It's powerful.

Tune into the freedom, joy, love, wealth, abundance, gratitude and prosperity you ALREADY DO HAVE and you will realize what you thought you lack, is already yours! 

Say it with me: I am already abundant!⁣





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