Do you love yourself enough to receive?


Do you love yourself enough to receive? 

The number one abundance block that I see sabotaging women entrepreneurs from achieving desires and results is not allowing yourself to receive. 

Is this you? 

Inside this training (recorded live), I walk through five core steps to help you stop blocking abundance and open up to receiving. 

Here is a quick summary...and time stamps to help you navigate the key points:

Core Steps To Receiving

1) Clarity of Intent. (2:40 min. mark)

What have you been depriving yourself of that you really want? Are you really ASKING for what you want?

The clearer you are the faster your desires will manifest.  Bringing a light and playful energy to your intention will serve you well. Try asking yourself, what would you like to have, do or be...

  • If it fell out of the sky and into your lap?
  • If you could open it up as present? 
  • Use the "wouldn't it be nice if..." strategy to dream bigger

Use the Daily 5 Method (6:28 min. mark) to write down 5 things you want to receive - do this daily and then go back to notice what you have received and how your daily desires change. These can be big things or little things. 

2) Get rid of limiting beliefs. (8:20 min. mark)

We live in a belief driven universe, when you change your beliefs, you change your reality.  To determine if your beliefs are supporting you, ask this simple question: Does this belief support / improve the quality of my life?

If not, it's time to shift the belief, reframe and reset into a new energy.

3) Connect to the energy of gratitude. Gratitude is the truly the energy of receiving. (11:55 min mark)

Gratitude is one of the most powerful energies you can work with to call in your desires and receive. Gratitude will accelerate your ability to pull into your life all the things you would love to have (inside of your experiences, your bank account, and your life!) (12:15 min. mark) 

Simple ways to create more gratitude (13:13 min. mark): make lists of all the things you are grateful for now - even the most mundane things will inspire and attract more energy of gratitude.

Gratitude is also amplified as you allow yourself to receive. Everything is a give and receive and there has to be balance. Without the balance, you experience burnout, frustration and exhaustion. (15:50 min. mark)  

4) Embody your desire now as if it has already happened. (16:50 min. mark)

Embodiment means visualizing and acting as if the end result has already happened. As you visualize, anchor the complete holographic image (17.35 min. mark) - the  "championship moment." Visualize it and receive it as - "it already happened", "it is so", "it is already done", "assuming the feeling and embodying the energy of the wish fulfilled." 

5) Take aligned action. If you are stuck in inaction, you can't expect results to create themselves. What are the aligned actions you can take in the general direction of your dreams. Remember, when you climb the stairs takes one step at a time to get to the top. What is the next step that you are guided to take?

Plus don't miss out on a couple key stories and questions...

  • "I am completely grateful for gifts and compliments and receive those, but I diminish my own value and power, for instance, I just received my life coach certification and I'm down playing it as meh....Not sure how to congratulate myself. Same feeling with money.... Kinda like I got it, but it doesn't feel like it's mine." (30:00 min. mark)

  • "I agree, it's a little hard to receive. I get the fear that I will get what I don't want and that keeps me from just relaxing and allowing life to support me. Gotta release that!" ( 17:55 min. mark) 

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