Receiving more support - why it's a non-negotiable

Hey Gorgeous,

I'm a business owner, mom of two, author, coach, wife and so much more. I know you wear and juggle lots of hats and titles too!

Here are some of the things I outsource inside of my life right now: laundry, housecleaning, dog walking, gardener, pool maintenance, business stuff...

"Wow, must be nice Alexandra.”

“If I was rich, I’d do that too”

“I’ll do it when my business makes more…”

"It's just easier to do it myself. I don't have the time to find the help."

Here are 5 things you NEED to know (& why I’m sharing):

1) There is no reason to feel guilt around this.

Men have had this benefit for forever & never have to defend this. Let’s opt out of "mom guilt" or the "martyr role", okay?

I’m great at my business, I’m great at the housewife stuff. But to be successful in my business, I need to have capacity to focus on it. 🤷🏼‍♀️

No one “does it all”—a lot of the famous people, influencers, business owners that you look up to have help…even if they don’t talk about it.

It’s perpetuating society’s belief that we need to be superhuman. That women should be perfect in ALL the things. And it's burning us out, making us exhausted and blocking the joy and abundance we desire and deserve!

2) It’s a business growth move.

When you do the cost-benefit of spending time on your biz v.s cleaning your house, it’s a no-brainer, even when you’re starting out. Paying for someone to help will buy you time.

It will help free up bandwidth & energy for you to grow & do the things ONLY YOU can do.

How many clients or products do you need to sell to outsource _____? Do the math!

If you've got the money, what are you waiting for?

3) It won’t make your kids spoiled

Some kids already have a full-time housekeeper… YOU. (Yes, it's true.)

My kids are respectful to anyone in our home (like our incredible housecleaner and our amazing babysitter) because they don’t see them as “staff” but as extra adults in their life, like their teachers at school.

Our kids still have to make their beds, help set the table, clear plates at dinner, clean their room, and walk the dog, etc. We are all citizens of the household. These are skills kids need. But not everything has to be your responsibility to manage. And having help to do some of it doesn't make you a bad mom or parent.

4) It’s a great way to practice giving up control! 

Hiring help at home or work is an excellent practice for delegating and asking for what you want. If you like things a certain way, ask for it!

(This will push you, I know, because it challenged me! It will stretch your receiving muscle to ask and allow in what you actually desire and want. I'm a better human and business woman because of it.)

I’ve learned to give up control because it frees up my time to be creative elsewhere and focus instead on income producing activities.

5) Start small!

We started with a house cleaner once a week.

As life has evolved and I left corporate work to build my business, had kids, etc. -- we slowly added different support. And it has ebbed and flowed.

It’s really not that expensive to get a little bit of help with the tasks that cause you the most stress. Start small, but start.

Which of these things do you need to hear? Do you struggle with guilt around this?

REPLY BACK and let me know. These conversations are important.

Abundance is yours.



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