Redefining Abundance

#moneymindset abundance Aug 08, 2021

Abundance is a choice, a mindset that you already have enough.

Let’s talk about redefining the word ABUNDANCE.

Abundance isn’t just about money, it’s about a mindset.

It’s a choice.

People often say I want more abundance because they think it only means more money.

And from that belief and story it folds into a greater belief, “If I had more money, it would solve all my problems.”

This is the story I see blocking women all the time:

That money will make us happier.
That money will make us less stressed.
That money will make it so we don't have to work so hard.

And without even realizing it, what’s going on is that inside of that story, we  GIVE OVER OUR POWER to money. So much so, that money ends up having power over us.

Money is energy. It’s a powerful energy. And much of the work I’m privileged to do is helping women learn to HARNESS the power of that energy and harness the power of money in their lives.

Here’s the truth:
Money is just a tool for you to use in your life. It's a tool for me to use too. It’s not the answer or the solution. It’s a tool to help you solve problems, enjoy your life, buy stuff, contribute generously, pay the bills...and sure, it might help you enjoy your life and live a little more abundantly.

But it’s not the destination. It’s a tool you get to use on your journey. Period.

Today, your is to focus on all the stuff and areas where you already have more than enough. Where you are in abundance now.

I talked all about this in a recent vlog conversation below.

Inside this conversation, I share:

>> A new definition for abundance

>> How money is a neutral resource and tool to support you

>> the importance of recognizing the abundance we have because we live inside our emotions and the feelings we experience. Almost everything we want is really inside of a feeling.

We are chasing the feeling. We are looking for the emotion. We want the feeling of freedom that having money may provide. We want the feeling of being alive in our lives and the ability to make choices that support us.

>> We talk about how we SEE the things around us, our circumstances, etc is what determines what is possible for us.

>> How abundance is really a flow of energy - a stream that is always flowing, and an inexhaustible source.

Abundance is yours.



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