A Guided Meditation to Release & Let Go

Meditation, let's talk about it.... are you doing it? 

How many of you want to get more consistent with your practice? 
How many of you know it will be a game-changer for activating your abundance? 
I use meditation inside all of my courses, programs and with my private VIP Coaching and Mastermind level clients because it is truly one of the quickest ways to teach people how to connect with their highest self and the deep wisdom and guidance within. 
Let's face it, sometimes it is hard to cut through the noise of daily life and it feels hard to sit with yourself. This is also why I love guided meditation. 
There are so many ways to meditate - walking meditation, sitting quietly in nature, praying, listening to a guided meditation, singing, chanting, or in mind-fullness practice. DO WHAT WORKS for you! 
Just 10-15 minutes a day can shift your entire energy to become a powerful match for what it is you desire. 
I have tons of FREE meditations available on my website, so if you haven't downloaded them yet...go get them! 
Today, I want to give you a QUICK and POWERFUL meditation to help you RELEASE & LET GO.  This meditation is perfect to help you release and let go of anything that is no longer serving you.

This quick meditation is focused on directing your breath and thoughts to softly release and let go of negative thoughts, of unwanted patterns, of general overwhelm, the need to be overly critical or to let go when you are stuck in self judgement.  If there is something you know you need to release this is an excellent tool to support you. Or if you simply want to ground into more a more peaceful state and release the day...this will serve you well. 

Grab your headphones, relax and breathe out anything you need to let go of ... and allow yourself to then breathe in peace. 

Want more support? You can find more FREE guided visualizations and meditations to support you on my website here: FREE Meditations.




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