Stop Resisting Easy...

When I started my business and knew it was time to expand and build out a team, I noticed myself resisting it. I kept thinking, "I should be able to do that."

And then it hit me.

I felt guilty for making my life easier.

I swung between thinking I should have to work hard for success and also wanting to be supported and allow for more ease.

It looked like resisting easy wins, not delegating projects, procrastinating on hiring out projects, doing tasks that I wasn't good at or really disliked and catching myself wondering if it’s “too easy" when I made money without lots of effort.

Didn’t we all learn lessons like, "it has to be hard to be worth it?" And, “there’s no such thing as something for nothing?”

Many of us were taught to believe that achieving success means hard work, long hours, struggle, and sacrifice. The more we do - some people think - the more we become. Or the more we are worth.

Maybe you invested in this false belief too. If so, it could be just the thing that’s sucking the fun and joy out of your business and life!

I meet women all the time who sabotage the easy wins to prove they're worthy and deserving of money and abundance. Like it doesn’t “count” if it didn’t come without some struggle.

One of my clients described how this same belief and trying to prove her worth bydoing it all’ was impacting her, “I felt like every month I had to start over and run up a bigger mountain than the month before. The burden I was carrying just got heavier.”

Can you relate?

When I dug into my own story, I realized I still had an underlying belief that too much ease makes you entitled, lazy and wasteful!

This is totally false. The reality is, accepting help and hiring help makes me smart, supported, and more focused. And I can do way more and earn more with a full team behind me!

When I finally hired more support and started to build out my team... I was so grateful! I had more time for the things that bring me joy in my business and serving my clients. And with more support at home, I was no longer stressing about folding laundry at night, because it was getting done while I worked. I didn't worry about confirmation and reminder emails being scheduled, because my assistant was handling it. The list goes on.

I love finding money blocks. I am always a student, even though this is what I teach in Money Mastery... I still find new ones to clear! And when I do, I can use my tools - identify the sabotage, pinpoint the fear/story, clear the belief and create a new one. Fast. I don't get stuck.

I love working with my clients to find the easy button in their business, to allow themselves to receive support, and to allow making money to be easy.

The truth is the universe is just waiting to help us achieve our dreams and desires. And we are more supported than we even know.

Say it with me:
Money and abundance flows easily
and effortlessly to me.
It's safe to receive.
I allow myself to be fully supported.
It gets to be easy.

Abundance is yours.



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