Taking Personal Responsibility (Part Two)

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Why is nobody talking about this...

Honestly, taking responsibility for why something we are desiring hasn't happened yet, or why something isn't the way we want it to be in our life right now, is hard. 

Most of us find it easier to:  play the victim, give away our power, make excuses, blame others, claim to be powerless, or simply look outside ourselves for the root of the problem.

I get it. I'm the first one to admit I've done all those things! 

So please, don't read this as a condemnation, but rather an invitation. 

It's been my experience that the external is always a reflection of the internal.  And if something isn't working out in my life the way I want it to be, it's usually because I have something to do with it.  Sometimes, I need to shift my mindset, my behavior, my perspective, or my action. 

Nothing about any of that is easy, but it is key to the next level of our abundance. 

Before I recorded the conversation I'm sharing with you today, I found myself in a cycle of feeling angry and depleted by something that was going on in my life.

This was my first clue I was giving away my power. It would have been easier to keep blaming outside circumstances, but when I leaned in and got really honest and asked myself, "What is my role in creating this?" 

The answer illuminated that I was willingly participating in the dynamic and only by owning my part and shifting my own actions and perspective would I be able to shift how I felt about the situation. (Notice, I didn't say, someone or something else outside of me had to change.) 

It required a tremendous amount of self love and self acceptance to give myself the honest answer and claim radical responsibility for what felt disappointing. 

The truth is, because we are human and imperfect beings, we won't always show up with what's required to create our dreams or be our best; and in those moments we have two choices, we can either actively love ourselves or abandon ourselves. 

When we choose to love ourselves enough to be honest and claim responsibility for why something we want isn't happening yet or why we don't feel how we want to feel, this is where freedom begins, where liberation starts, and the shift becomes possible.

So, let’s talk about radical personal responsibility: what does this mean and how can we use it to access our next level of abundance.

Today, I'm including you in a very intimate conversation where we talked about just this concept with a group of students inside Money Mastery Academy. This is part two of a series (if you missed my last email 'the key to your up level'' go read it or watch that video first.) 

Inside today's video I shared several examples of excuses and ways in which we abdicate our power...and then shared what it sounds like when we take radical personal responsibility. I think you will be hard pressed not to find yourself inside of these examples. I know I did! 

What's more, I break it down and I give you a simple powerful exercise to get to the heart of whatever feels hard, exhaustive, depletive, or doesn't seem to be going how you want it to right now in your life. I revealed the single ingredient to turning the situation around. 

Take a listen and watch the video here: TAKING RESPONSIBILITY PART TWO.

Reply back, let me know how this lands! Excited to hear the ah-ha's and breakthroughs.

Abundance is yours!






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