Taking Responsibility (Part One)

Hello Beautiful,

We are diving deep into Radical Personal Responsibility today. An essential component of what it means to fully love yourself unconditionally and actualize the truth of your abundance. I loved this intimate conversation with a group of students inside my Money Mastery community, where we talked all about what it means to truly own your life and take full responsibility for all the good, amazing, beautiful, and messy parts of it. 

If we are being honest with ourselves, most of us resist this work, because we have invested in the lie that our desires, happiness, self worth is somehow conditional. We've bought into a belief that unless we achieve X, we aren’t a success. Unless something external happens, we can't feel happy or worthy. Or unless something changes in our circumstances, we can't realize our abundance. 

It get's even more nuanced -- we think that in owning our part, or by taking personal responsibility for why what we want hasn’t happened yet, it's must mean something is wrong with us or somehow we are less worthy. This simply isn't true.

You are worthy because you are. You were born worthy and nothing you do or don’t do will change that. You are a child of God. You are worthy just by being.

Inside this conversation, we are introducing a depth of self reflection and honesty that will make most of us uncomfortable, but it is also essential, if we want to live our most authentic and fully self expressed lives. 

Watch part one of this series on the blog below, and stay tuned for part two where I will show you exactly how to implement this into your life starting now.

Listen in here:  Taking Personal Responsibility (Part 1)



Reply back, let me know how this lands! Excited to hear the ah-ha's and breakthroughs.





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