Thank the Competition

You should be grateful for the competition.  Wait, what?!

Check out why this mindset shift makes so much sense...

First, what we wish for others we wish for ourselves.

It’s all just a big mirror- so bless others with massive abundance and fulfillment because ultimately that is your desire too. ⠀

Let’s be real, there are very few original ideas.  Somebody was doing what you are doing before you started... and there will be others who follow you.

If you really care about the problems you are solving, or your message and the people you are serving — you will want others out there joining in the effort to make a difference, to create true transformation and to get amazing results.  You can’t reach everyone on your own. ⠀

There’s also the simple truth that you will not be for everyone.  

So, isn’t it good to know that the millions of folks out there in the big wide world who potentially need your message, your service or products can find the best match for them?⠀

But that’s not all, consumer research and studies also show that when one person consumes one product they like, they immediately search for more similar products to consume. Hello expanded market...⠀

For example, let’s assume you just read a great book - it could even be personal development book or a business book you loved.  Are you going to only buy books by that author now? No! That would be silliness. ⠀

Most likely you will want to find other books to read by a variety of authors simply because you know it will make you feel good and be enjoyable.

Ok, one last thought... innovation and improvement is propelled when everyone is asking “How do we make this better?”

Competition and choice drive improvement. This forces you to up-level and serve better. If you truly care about your products and customers... you will want to provide only the best.  

Your customers will be happier and so will you. ⠀

Abundance is yours.



P.S. It’s just a fact: the more money you make, the more leverage you have to create change in the world that’s important to you. More money equals more impact.

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