The Downside

Have you considered the pitfalls of your business or money dreams coming true? ⁣

⁣This is one of my favorite tools I teach in my Money Mastery Academy - and it’s often dismissed or overlooked in personal development circles wanting to only project the positive.

⁣But, uncovering your hidden fears is valuable information!

It helps you to understand WHY you’re procrastinating with money-making opportunities or sabotaging your income, or the up-level you really want!

⁣Think of your biggest money goal right now.

👉What are you afraid of?
👉What would be some of the negative consequences?
👉What might happen if you are successful?

Some common fears...

• Less time with family
• Paying more in taxes
• Experiencing jealousy from others, maybe some haters
• Outgrowing your current circle
• Mismanaging your money
• Unsustainable success

One of my common ones is about having to take on too much responsibility from being "too successful". The fear is I’ll have no time left for my family, fun, or myself.

It's great to get specific.

You can go deeper into each one.

I had a client who was terrified she wouldn't know “how to manage her money” if she made lots of it. We explored the origin story of that fear and it turned out her dad had gone bankrupt and lost everything.  She was afraid of going into debt or getting into trouble, so she kept her earnings at a "safe" level.

Once she realized this wasn’t her story to own, she was able to blow through that invisible income ceiling and her upper limit. Turns out making $60,000 a year wasn’t her destiny... she now earning $500,000 in her business and she was easily able to find a money manager to help her with extra income and success.

I had another client who grew up wealthy and privileged, yet everyone around her was unhappy. It makes sense she created a story that too much money makes you unhappy, and it kept her sabotaging her success every time she started to earn "too much." Uncovering this money fear was revolutionary for her happiness and her bank account!

Peel back the layers!

Once you know why you are sabotaging yourself, you can deal with it!

Some of your reasons will be valid, others will be things totally out of your control (like what other people think or say).

Some of your fears you’ll be able to manage (hire a financial planner/ get a great accountant). Or in my case, expand my team of support!

Some you’ll have to adjust to (like paying more taxes). ⁣

Either way, it feels real!

The truth is until you release the fears around earning more money and living the abundant life you deserve - you will keep sabotaging yourself each step of the journey!

Join my FREE community, Abundance Revolution, and share, what’s the downside of your dreams coming true? What are you afraid of if you make massive amounts of money?

Abundance is yours.

Talk soon.



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