The Fastest Route

Be honest. At some point, we've all thought or said something like....

"I'll feel better once I make an income of..."
"I need X amount of money in the bank to feel secure."
"When my business makes X, then I'll be a success."

You can’t need it if you want to create it. Inherent in need is lack.

What would happen if you decided to feel great about money NOW, no matter what your current reality is?

What If you allowed yourself to feel abundant, rich, and wealthy NOW?

I get it isn't always easy when you're not rolling in the dough in your current reality. Problem is when you are focused on what you don't have or what's missing...your focus is on LACK, not abundance.

You have to find ways to feel good about your money and what’s going on in your business and life now, or you never will.

If you don't feel abundant or wealthy now, you won't feel that way when the millions of dollars show up either.

You will just feel this vague dissatisfaction - believing that if only you had more, then you would feel better, happier, or more free.

Looking for something on the outside to fill you up and make you whole is operating from scarcity and lack.

Take your power back. Decide to feel abundant and rich now.

You can't wait for your bank account to be overflowing to feel abundant.

You can't wait for the title, promotion, or raise to feel abundant.

You can wait for the full client or customer list to feel abundant.

You have to feel abundant, wealthy, and rich first, to generate wealth.

The quickest way to become a match for all that money you want AND to feel abundant, wealthy, and rich now?


Focus on appreciating, noticing, and acknowledging all of the abundance in your life now.

Focus on how money is supporting you.

Notices the riches around you.

Tune into the subtle luxuries, life riches and the ways you feel wealthy and prosperous now.

Gratitude is the single most powerful tool you can use to change your state and shift your energy from a feeling of scarcity and lack, into one of feeling abundant and rich.

Gratitude is the doorway to abundance.

It's my go-to tool and number #1 recommendation to help you shift from a poverty and lack mindset to an abundance mindset ready to grow and make the millions.

When you say thank you for what you have - you acknowledge all that the universe has already given you and you become a magnet for more.

What abundance are you feeling grateful for today?

Abundance is yours.

Talk soon.




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