The Only Roadmap You Need

abundance Jun 24, 2021

"When the student is ready the teacher will appear. When the student is truly ready, the teacher will disappear." - Lao Tzu

I founded my company with one mission: to help every woman I meet become abundant, wealthy, and empowered. You know I'm all about mixing the spiritual (energetic + mindset) with the practical.

This is both.

It's also the only roadmap I have ever followed to create breakthrough results....

1. Get Clear.

Ask yourself, what do you want and why do you want it? You need to get crystal clear (as in solid and tangible details) about your business goals and desires.  Imagine there are zero limits. You can do, have or be anything you desire. Here is your chance to own that. Write it down. That includes your money goal. Write down a number to go with your fancy paragraph.

2. Take Stock.

What is your current state? Let me give you an analogy. If you go to google maps. You first need to enter your current location, then the destination. You can't get there if you don't know where you're starting. This goes for your income, how money flows in your business. What's working, what's not.

3. Uncover What Is Holding You Back.

Write down your fears. Write down what you are doing/ not doing that is creating your "current state" results. Go back and review the money blocks or your sabotages.

What FEARS come up as you think about making more money? Being successful? What are you afraid of?

4. Embody the version of you who is already living your vision.

This is similar to acting as if but feels less fake. Imagine you already made the million dollars. What are you doing? What decisions are you making? What actions are you taking? Follow her wisdom.

5. Take Massive Aligned Action.  

There is something called the "Law of Action." The Universe awards an action taker. What are aligned actions that will take you in the general direction of your goal? You don't have to know "how" it will all unfold, you just have to take the first step so it can!  

Abundance is yours.



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