The Path of Least Resistance

Over the years, I’ve spent time leading sessions with women leaders all over the country - CEOs running multiple million-dollar businesses, women at the top of their organizations, and women just beginning the entrepreneurial path.

I always find it fascinating that money and abundance blocks don't discriminate by title, rank, or income.

Common themes are ...

  • Desiring more support
  • Struggling to find the balance between work and family
  • Having poor boundaries, not turning work "off"
  • Wanting to stop "doing it all"
  • Feeling stuck in the “how”
  • Needing to give up control/ delegate more
  • Craving accountability
  • Battling perfectionism
  • Desiring growth, but not investing in support
  • Wanting more flow and spaciousness
  • Struggling to ask for help
  • Feeling guilty when asking for what they want
  • Lacking clarity about what they want
  • Denying their desires or being afraid to claim them

Can you relate?

These are common abundance and money blocks and are expected. In challenging times, they are even more likely to be triggered!

In your daily experience and actions, it's common to hear thoughts from others, or think thoughts yourself that don't reflect your true abundance, or the truth of what you are capable of creating in your life, with your money, or in your business!

It sounds like...
"You have to do it alone."
"It will only get done well, if you do it yourself."
"Success requires sacrifice and struggle."
"Making money is hard."
"I don't know how..."
"I'm not ready to ... "
“Success comes at a cost.”

One of the tools I teach women to CLEAR these blocks is following the path of least resistance.

This doesn’t mean shirking responsibility or chilling all day and pretending everything is ok with your head in the sand.

It’s about finding what is easiest for YOU!

Finding the people you want to serve, ways to market and be visible for your business that excites you, team members you trust and adore, work that lifts you up - that you get to be paid well for.

It doesn’t mean it’s all EASY...

... but don’t make things harder for yourself by serving people who drain you, undercharging, doing work that doesn't leverage your gifts, not allowing others to support you, trying to do it all by yourself, not asking for what you want, and making it haaaaard.

Lots of women resist this... because their business guru said they had to do things a certain way, or it feels too easy or obvious... or they don’t know how to be supported.

It’s really just about giving yourself permission to run your life and business the way that feels easiest for YOU, in alignment with YOUR personality, talents, and strengths.

You find your version of EASY with small adjustments. Make little tweaks.

A really simple, yet powerful question to start with is...’What feels good?’

Then move on...
‘What kind of clients/customers do I enjoy working with most?’
‘What work feels best to me?’
‘What am I really good at that other people can benefit from?’
‘What is the best use of my time? Where do I add value?’
‘What support would make this easier?’

Then ask yourself...
‘What hasn’t felt good?’
‘What needs to shift about how I’m running my business?’
‘What isn’t working or isn’t flowing in my life?’
‘What can I learn from this?’
‘What can I stop doing, eliminate, automate or delegate?’

Once you've reflected you can start to make decisions - step by step, even the small tweaks will add up to support you in creating massive expansion, spaciousness, and abundance. And yes, money too!!!

But, most people resist easy. (That goes back to the conversation about abundance and money blocks.)

For TODAY, what little change could make a big difference?

Abundance is yours!



P.S. It’s just a fact: the more money you make, the more leverage you have to create change in the world that’s important to you. More money equals more impact.

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