The secret to learning how to receive

Hey Beautiful,

How good are you at receiving? The truth is you probably aren't very good at receiving. Most women aren't when they start working with me.

This was one of the biggest lessons I've had to learn in my own journey. Then keep practicing it. 

Many of us have invested in a belief that not needing help, not asking for support, and doing it ourselves... makes us independent, resilient, strong, and successful.

It's ok. Most of the high-achieving women I know bought into this too.

The reality is the opposite couldn't be more true. To be an extraordinary leader, to make the millions, to create the impact we want to create...we have to learn how to be excellent receivers.

So how good are you at receiving?

At letting things in?
At asking for help?
At accepting support?
At receiving compliments?
At sharing ideas?
At saying yes to more money?
At allowing it to be easy?
At welcoming in new opportunities?
At letting others do things for you?
At working less, but being paid more?

Receiving is the most misunderstood, yet the most essential requirements for us to become the woman in our vision. It's foundational for realizing our dreams and actualizing everything we want.

I see you, because I was you. I am you. We ALL struggle with this one.

We want so much...

Impact beyond our wildest dreams, a team of rockstars, the best selling book, clients we adore, a business that is flourishing, millions in the bank, and epic moments with our loved ones. Insert your dream here!

But when we block our ability to receive, we are actively telling the Universe ...
"No, I'm good." "I don't need help." "I'm fine with what I have." "Don't bother supporting me or my dreams." "No need to deliver any extra my way."

This creates a huge block to the money, to the joy, and to our purpose.

The abundance is waiting for us, but it can't get in!

Our results, our impact, our success -- it's directly correlated to our ability to receive.

Next time someone asks, "May I help you?"

Please say, "Yes, this is what I want help with..." And then let it in.

Next time someone asks, "Can I hire you to help me..."  You say, "Yes, and this is what it costs."

You receive.

You let it in.

You allow in what you need.

You let yourself be paid well, without guilt.

I know you are reading this for a reason. It's important.

We all need this message. Share it with someone you know needs it too.

Sending love and abundance your way.




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