The Shift that Changes Everything

When I first started out on this journey, I had some pretty big limiting beliefs.

One of the most profound I had to overcome, was believing I was worthy and deserving of being supported.

This one is BIG because it impacts us all in so many ways. Including how we:

Receive compliments.
Allow in flow.
Receive help.
Let in opportunities.
Receive more money.
Ask for what we want unapologetically.
Allow in joy and happiness.
Let in success.
Receive love.

Did anything on that list trigger a response?

The actual truth: It is safe to receive.

I often get messages from women along these lines, "If only this would change, then I could..."

The reality is: a different job, prince charming, more money in the bank, a nanny, a housecleaner, more time...cannot fix your belief that sacrifice is required to be competent, wealthy, successful, and happy. Only a shift in your consciousness can do that.

(This is the shift that will change everything.)'s hard to create a life where you feel supported without a belief that it is safe/ okay to be supported.

It's hard to create a business without burnout, if you don't believe it can come without sacrifice, or if you don't believe that you are worthy of having it all.

It's difficult to create more money or success, without a belief that you are enough.

So, if this is you. Lean in. Come a little closer.

The truth is you were, quite literally, made to have it all. And even though it was never required, we all manage to get stuck in our crap in one area or another.

I get it. I believed all the BS for a long time. Until I made the shift. Did the work. And decided it could be different.

It can be different for you.

>>I want to remind you that you can transform, transmute and shift anything...anything!

I'm not saying transformation will be immediate. It may take time. All growth does. We have to peel back the layers and unlearn all our old we can rise above, turn it around, decide to do things differently, and identify with how it gets to be for us, and design a life as abundant, rich and beautiful as we like.

Because you're worthy.

And you are capable of realigning your standards, making energetic shifts, standing in your power, calling in what you want, and transforming your life -- one moment, one shift, one thought, one belief, one decision, and one declaration at a time.

I love you. I believe in you. This is the work.

Abundance is yours.




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