The Story You Tell Yourself

Let me tell you a story...

When I was 25, fresh out of graduate school, I took a job with a large prestigious consulting firm. I found myself working at 60-70 hour weeks, doing work I didn't love.

I was so tired and burnt out, I manifested an eye tick. Even in my sleep, my dreams were filled with endless loops of the spreadsheets I was building.

At some point, my higher self took over.

She reminded me it was just the beginning of my journey, and there were endless options and choices available to me.

I followed that nudge, quit my job, and drove myself to the mountains of Colorado to figure out my life during a month-long meditation retreat. (The things you do when your 25!)

I had no idea what I was doing, but I followed my intuition anyway.

That retreat led to many breakthroughs and truly changed my life. Without it, I'm not sure I would have created the abundant life I live today.

Sit with yourself long enough, and it becomes crystal clear nothing is ever holding us back or apart from what we want, besides ourselves.

We are the directors of our thoughts and we get to choose how we feel.

The more you start to tune in...the more you start to raise your consciousness, the more you become aware of the endless mind chatter ... then the more you can determine IF the loop playing in your head is serving you or sabotaging you.

The story you tell yourself is being reflected back to you in life. Becoming aware of that story is 90% of the transformation.

During that retreat. I decided to change my story. I examined my own personal narrative and got clear about how it was no longer serving me.

Change the story, change your life!

This is the key to becoming and embodying your highest self.

What story are YOU telling?

Abundance is yours.




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