This is Not Your Destiny…

This is a touchy one.

However, I have never run from controversy when it comes to shedding a little light and love on big topics like this one. So let's go...

Money is an amplifier, it can’t make you anything you aren’t already.

Being wealthy, rich, prosperous ... desiring material things, wanting to be successful is not wrong, not greedy, not corrupt, and certainly not less honorable, less godly, or less spiritual.

Somehow, somewhere along the way, many of us got the memo that having money is bad, especially if you’re a moral, spiritual, heart-centered entrepreneur, or service-oriented person.

It’s rooted in the belief that to be a good person we must sacrifice our own needs for the needs of others. (Charge less, play small, deny our desires... etc.)

As women, this martyrdom syndrome is a big abundance blocker.

Before doing anything else today, I recommend going here to watch the masterclass recording or just click on the image below:

Hear me: God (Source energy, the Universe, the Divine… or whatever you call it) actually wants to see you living life to your fullest expression. It’s not your destiny to be poor, live in lack, feel stuck or broke — no where was that written in the stars!

Your desire for expansion, more fulfillment, growth, prosperity and abundance is part of the natural plan and law — its life force seeking fulfillment through you.

We dig deep into this topic in the video. Check it out here:

Don't Believe The Lies: It's Not Wrong to Focus on Money

This is your REMINDER…

Being wealthy, rich, prosperous ... desiring material things, wanting to be successful is not wrong, not greedy, not corrupt, and certainly not less honorable or less spiritual.

You can be mega-rich, desire material wealth and STILL be generous, connected to God, the Universe and be spiritual.

That. Is. The. Truth.

Here's your mantra.

Say it with me:
I can be rich and spiritual.
I can be prosperous and generous.
As a child of the divine, I am meant to be abundant. 💖

Abundance is yours.



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