This One is Personal

Do you resist support? Allow people to help you? Ask for what you need? Always try to force things? Feel like you have to make it happen?

Do you… trust it's safe to fully receive all that you want in life? Believe that life can flow? Do you let in the good stuff?

I had a coach say to me once: “Listen, you’ve had to do a lot of stuff on your own. But is that what you want? What if you could allow yourself to learn to receive?"

What she said was… accurate. And it was transformational in the moment.

AND… it was a way of being that I had to begin to slowly shed.

Because I really, really, really needed to create a life where I didn't feel like I had to go it alone. Where I let myself receive. Where I let myself be supported. And I let in all the abundance I truly desired -- love, money, friendships, my purpose, my career path, etc.

I was 25 at the time and resisting what was naturally trying to flow to me.

I’ve been doing this work a long time now. I’ve learned a thing or two. As a result, I’m really good at manifesting what I desire and letting in abundance.

The truth: The energy you bring to anything, the intentions you come at life with, the way you conduct yourself with yourself, the way you relate to others, the way you allow people in or not, the expectations you hold for yourself… it all… matters.

It’s all creating your… world. 💫

I had to start to work with my life. Allow in help. Let in the flow. Learn to receive. Soften and loosen my grip.

I had also had to see myself differently. Think different thoughts. Transform my expectations and standards about how life could work for me.

I had to believe things were really working for me. I had to trust that life wanted to support me.

I had to accept that I was worthy of what I desired and start to allow it in. I had to build myself up and cultivate a more authentic power -- grounded in love and acceptance for myself (and others).

It was an entirely different way of responding to life.

And life has given me an entirely different way of responding to me.

I’d like to continue to melt into more ease, flow, trust, grace and freedom as I go.

Do you believe life is responding to you?

Abundance is yours.



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