Time to Upgrade?

Do you ever get the feeling you need to upgrade your community?

I'm talking about business groups, masterminds, and even your coach.

As we are emerging into our new way of working and living, now is a good time to reevaluate everything! The places you hang out online, the people you follow, and the business advice you are getting.

Check in and see if where you are hanging out is still the right fit.  Some questions to ask are:

1) Are you acting like a cheerleader for others, but not getting pushed, challenged or inspired?

2) Are people negative or dismissive about money?

3) Are the people around you hitting big goals and at least a few steps ahead of you (and willing to help you believe in it for yourself and share the tools?)

Some groups may have been perfect for when you started your journey, but now feel boring, stagnant, or just are no longer a match.

It's ok! And it's actually a good thing. It means you are GROWING!

Community matters. Having a support team, people to hold you accountable and mentors to challenge you to do and be more is everything.

Personally, I love being in “the middle” of a group. I love to be able to inspire others, and still see what's possible for myself. Having others who are ahead of me on the path helps me visualize what's possible, inspires me to expand my vision, and challenges me to take action!

I need to see real people, achieving goals bigger than I'm comfortable with...to help me cultivate my own courage and decide to go for it. It's why I consistently invest in my growth, courses, coaches and experiences that take me to the next level.

So, how about you? Are you in the right groups?

If you are looking to expand your horizons, experience an abundant community of women who are creating incredible lives and businesses...If you are excited to invite some more FLOW into your business and life --  join us inside my amazing free facebook community online at Abundance Revolution.

Abundance is yours.

Talk soon!



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