True or False?

When it comes to building wealth and making amazing money …

What’s true? And what’s false?

Let’s bust some myths.

If you want to run a company that generates 6, 7, or 8 figures per year, sure, it’s possible. But it takes a really long time to get there. Like 10 years, at least.


With the right strategy, community, money mindset, support, and systems you can reach six figures within a year. Scaling to seven is absolutely doable in 3-4 years.

If you want to run a successful business, you need fancy certifications or a business degree like an MBA.

Unfortunately, women often feel like their experience isn’t “enough” and it drives them to pursue more degrees, more studying, more research, more certifications in order to “be ready” to get the clients, land the deals, make the money or achieve success.

My master's degree has served me well and I appreciate the tools, experience, and skills it gave me. That said, an advanced degree is not a prerequisite to success.

I know plenty of multimillionaires, successful entrepreneurs, and business owners - some have a traditional collegiate background, and others didn’t even graduate college. Pursue it if you're inspired, have a passion to follow — not because you think you “have to” in order to be taken seriously or win the game.

If you want to launch a business and earn your first $100K, you need a beautiful website, professionally designed logo, branded marketing materials, a mailing list, social media ads, landing pages, webinars, email funnels, and more.


All you need is something to sell, a way to collect payments, and the willingness to share your offers. Seriously, it’s that basic! Start simple.

Don’t overcomplicate it or let tech stop you! The first year I launched one of my online businesses, had a dropbox folder where I housed my course, an email account, a PayPal link, and a zoom line. I had $52,000 of sales the first 6 months. I didn’t have a website or any funnels. And all my photos were taken on my iPhone. Of course, all that has changed, but the point is, not having that didn’t stop me.

Get your first sales in the door, then build that fancy website and hire folks to help you with all the other stuff as you go.

Money changes you.

True, it does!

Now with more money, you can afford all sorts of things that were out of reach before.  Maybe you can afford to put your kids in the best schools. Or hire a nanny and housekeeper and pay them generously. Or take your family on life-changing trips. Or donate to charities in a major way.  Or other beautiful aligned changes that feel good to you!

Here’s how it won’t change you...Money won’t make you greedy, corrupt, manipulative, or turn you into a power b$tch if that's not you. Money is just an amplifier. It just amplifies who you are ARE and what’s already there!

Accountability and community are everything. If you do the work to activate the money-making potential within you and start hanging out with other women who are ambitious, and actually making money + an impact doing what they love, all that goodness will rub off on you.


This is exactly why I created Money Mastery Academy. It's why I hang out with my business BFFs, enroll in masterminds and do the work.

When you join a community like Money Mastery and commit to doing the work to clear your money blocks and transform your relationships with money, things can change quickly. And when you surround yourself with ambitious, wealthy, flourishing badasses, you become one.

I can be the first millionaire in my family. I can leave a legacy for my kids and grandkids. I can make serious money, still, be spiritual AND be of service in the world. I can do this.

100% true.

You are unlimited and the possibilities are endless. If you can dream it, it's because it's meant to be yours. What you desire is destined for you.

Read that again. You're welcome. :)

Abundance is yours.



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