Hey Beautiful,

When I first started my business, I experienced some of the hardest times.

I felt like a victim to my own confusion and doubt.

I was stuck, no, worse, moving backward from where I had been in a very successful corporate career.

When I would pop my head up long enough to look at the people I admired, doing what I wanted to do...I would see them celebrating HUGE wins - the wins I wanted.

One day, a very honest question came through to me -- What's different about them than you?

The answer came through loud and clear. They are more committed. They decided it was possible. They are unwavering.

And in that moment, it all finally made sense. 

I decided I would no longer question if my coaching or programs were good enough. 

I would no longer question if my rates were "right" or "too pricey" or "too low" or "too something."

I decided I wouldn't dim light, for fear of shining too bright. 

I decided I would operate my business, share my work, talk to myself, and go about my work as if I was already the woman who had actualized my vision -- the most empowered, abundant and divine me. 

I decided to be her. The woman who has total faith. The woman who has total clarity. The woman who believes in herself, no matter what.

And something shifted inside me. 

I set my energetic goals, and I went to work. 

And you know what, I hit all my goals. 

When you understand the frequency shift of tapping into and BEING your most abundant version -- things get exciting. 

Because of instead of looking for answers outside of you, instead of struggling -- you just get to be who you are -- the kind of woman who can create and hold momentum without the constant wavering of questioning, worrying and blocking. 

So, when women ask me, “What do I do when it isn’t working?”

This is what I tell them. Be more unwavering. Commit. Decide. 

Listen in on a recent conversation with my community where we talk about the ultimate embodiment of the wealthy, worthy and abundant woman: Being Unwavering. 


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Abundance is yours!





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