Visualize your Income Expanding

Writing down your goals is like plugging your destination into the GPS. It sets your directions, helps you map your next steps, and informs your choices.

Today, I want to share a tool to help you take your goals up to the next level. I want you to start to VISUALIZE & EMBODY your goals.
The truth is, a big part of your creative power comes from cultivating the picture, the images, the thoughts, and the emotions you want to experience - before they even happen. This is where you begin to IDENTIFY with your goals and take them on as if they were already yours like you belong together, and you're a match.

Training your subconscious mind is powerful. The subconscious accounts for  95% of our overall thoughts in a day, so when we give it clear direction, it knows what to help us create.

In fact, science has proven that your brain doesn't know the difference between something that happened or that you imagined happened.  

This is WHY spending time visualizing what you WANT is so important and critical to achieving your big goals.  

You are actually training your brain to change how it is wired, to rewrite the biochemistry, and to record whatever you are visualizing as an actual memory.

Not to nerd out too much, but this sets up your brain to filter decisions and align your choices and actions to create more "like" experiences. You actually line up with more wealth-creating opportunities, more helpful people, more fun experiences, more results, and more joy!

Ready to give it a try?

Check out this quick 2-step process to help you VISUALIZE and EMBODY your goal:

1. Visualize your goal as if it has already been achieved.

Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and then direct your focus to imagine the amazing result, the peak moment, the exciting transformation, or the best outcome for your goal. (For example, if your goal is to win a marathon - you would visualize yourself on the podium receiving the medal...not the slog of training for the race.)

For example, if your goal is to earn $100,000 or $250,000 or $1 Million this year, visualize what your life looks like and how you *feel* when you achieve this goal.

Maybe you see yourself as a leader in your company.

Maybe you are winning an award for top sales.

Perhaps you are imagining the massive impact and transformations out into the lives of others as a result of your work.

Maybe you are seeing satisfied clients and customers all around you that you adore.

Maybe you are imagining paying off debt or taking your family on a special vacation.

Perhaps you are imagining the ease you experience from the additional income.

Maybe you successfully launched a business, a venture, or a new revenue stream you have been thinking about for a long time, and now you see yourself with that success in hand.

Maybe you just received a big payoff or check for all the effort you put in.

It doesn't matter what it is - it just has to feel good to you! Imagine yourself with the goal already realized and fulfilled. Imagine it's yours's and you did it!

2. Think of the positive emotions you are going to feel when you reach your goal.

This is an important step, not to be skipped. The combination of your intention from step one and the catalyst of your energy from your feelings and emotions in step two act to raise your energy to equal your desire. This is how you become a match for your goal and desire.

In doing this, you begin to magnetize your future desire into your reality now. You move from cause and effect to create an effect.

As you visualize, allow yourself to notice and feel all the positive emotions of your desire or goal accomplished. For example:

I feel proud.
I feel happy.
I am standing taller.
I feel confident sharing my services / asking for business.
I feel so grateful.
I feel appreciative of all the opportunities.
I am noticing my impact and it feels good.
I love how supported I feel in my business.
I am in the flow.
I am excited by all the success.
I am filled with a sense of joy.
I feel abundant.
I feel worthy and valued.
I feel whole and confident in who I am.
I feel like I am adding value.
I feel accomplished and fulfilled.
I feel purposeful.

As you embody the feelings of already having it, having done it, doing it, and/or being it - you are training your brain to create it in your now reality.

Ok, it's your turn.

Don't overcomplicate it. Use the two step process above and spend 1-2 minutes visualizing your goal.

See it. Feel it.

Then LET IT GO. Don't keep going back to "redo" it. Just let it be.

Your job is only to keep going back to those feelings, especially if you start to question or doubt yourself. Go back to that successful feeling.

Remember, you wouldn't be given a goal or a dream if it wasn't meant to be yours.

You got this!

Abundance is yours!

Talk soon!



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