#1 Tool To Breakthrough Fear

What is it that stops you from going after what you really desire?

What stops you from believing, knowing, and acting like anything and everything you want is possible?

Want to know what it is for me? FEAR.

Fear of how it will all come together.

Fear that people will think "Who is she to do...”

Fear that I will fail.

Fear that I won’t be able to handle it, if I get it all.

The list goes on.

When I confessed this truth the other day, I had more than one person reach out to me and say, "Alexandra, you never look like you are afraid of anything."⠀

Turns out, I am.

Also turns out, we all are.


Here is the truth about fear: it has been fascinating us all with it's stories for thousands of years.


Personally, I find that refreshing.

It's all a bunch of made up stories.

It means I get to choose whether I pay attention to fear or not. You do too. 

Here is one of my best hacks for busting and releasing the fear...

Ask yourself... does this emotion that anchored you in the past belong in your future? Is it serving you? 

Chances are, probably not! And if that’s the case... here is what to do...

Learn to love the fear. 

Yep, that’s right....

One of the best hacks I ever learned for taking the power out of fear is to realize that everything is also its opposite. It’s called the law of duality.

So if instead of resisting the fear, you accept it... and it drains its energy. 

Check out my number one tool to breakthrough fear.

If the fear is...“I might fail.”
The reframe is... “I love that about myself. I love that I might fail because it means I’m going for it!”

If the fear is...“People may not like me.”
The reframe is, “I love that about myself. I love that not everyone likes me, because I’m not for everybody and my true tribe/ people will find me!”

If the fear is...“I don’t know how to do it.”
The reframe is, “I love that about myself. I love that I don’t know how to do it all. I love that instead I listen to my guidance, follow my intuition, ask for help if I need it and let the path unfold.”

It is simple, powerful and yes you can do it.

Try it! Let me know how it goes. 





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