What To Do About Money Anxiety

Hey Beautiful,

There's something most female entrepreneurs and women in business -- even those making 6 and 7 figures have in common...

...money anxiety.

Today, over on my instagram I shared a simple and quick process to instantly soften fears and ground you in a sense of trust and security any time you feel financial anxiety. This video is under a minute and half. 

Watch it here.

And drop me a comment on my Instagram. Let me know your neutralizing thought. I share mine in the video. 

Here's a quick recap of the bigger process to regulate your nervous system and soften the money anxiety. 

1) Identify a challenge you have right now that's related to your relationship with money.

2) Become aware of the thought you're thinking and looping related to this challenge. (For example: "When it comes to money, I have to do everything." Or, "I'm not good at managing money.")

3) Signal Safety in your nervous system using a nervous system regulation tool (I teach this in my video here. (Examples of this include: breathing into your belly and back ribs, laying down or standing with bare feet on the earth, or singing a song or humming to activate the vagus nerve.)

4) Reframe your thought from step 2 into a new thought that is more supportive and also feels unequivocally true for you. (For example: "I am surrounded by support, seen and unseen." or "God always has a better plan for me." or "I am an excellent learner, I can learn to manage money well.")

5) Act accordingly and in alignment with the reframe from step 4. Ask yourself, "How would this version of me, that knows this is 100% true behave? What would she do?" Then go do it. Act that way whenever possible, and see how it feels.

You can come back to this practice as many times as you need to throughout the day or week. 

I love sharing these tips with you. And my greatest desire is that they serve you. Share this blog or better yet, tag me on IG @alexandra.taketa in your stories or a post and let me know how doing this exercise supported you. I'd love to hear your neutralizing thought and how you reframed things!

Abundance is yours.




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