Your Money Blocks: What to do when FEAR is holding you back

Hey Beautiful,

I work on my money mindset every single day.

And I still feel the fear, almost everyday. 

I get it. Sometimes it feels hard. You feel stuck. You feel overwhelmed or under pressure. You get obsessed with "how" it will all come together.

You notice the resistance show up and you want to procrastinate, or worse give up. You don’t feel confident. You wonder if it can truly be possible. You hesitate, hedge and doubt.

I promise. No matter where you are on the journey, it’s possible!

Some of the work that I am so blessed to do is taking women from the old stories and the old conditioning about money and not feeling worthy... to shifting out of their fear and into freedom, ease, abundance.

Even positive change like coming into surplus money can trigger fear.

Growing your business, asking for the raise, or raising your rates — all of this is good stuff— and it can trigger fear.

Your brain is wired to keep you safe.

Any sign of shifting out of your normal thought patterns or beyond your comfort zone puts your brain on notice that danger may be coming...

But the reality is... most of the things that trigger us to feel fear these days are not actual dangers.

Most of your fears, are likely just a mindset you need to shift.

Translation: it’s a choice.

You can always choose new thoughts that empower you.

The goal isn't to live without fear. Because fear isn't going away. Even the multi-millionaires have fears. The goal is learning how to move through it, so it doesn't hold you back. 

Today we’re going do some more work on your money mindset, digging into the fears holding you back. 

There are so many things from your past that you need to examine so you can feel free. We bring so much baggage into our business and our money mindset.

Right now, you might be feeling:

  • It's unsafe for me to make more money
  • It's unsafe to go to that next level
  • It's unsafe to expand or grow my business

And that fear can feel really real, but uncovering the beliefs and experiences below this feeling is what is going to help you shift this.

Fear is really big. It’s a total dream killer.

But when you face it head on, and examine it with curiosity and without judgement -- not only can you reduce the pressure, you can remove it's power over you.

Running a business and being a leader in your field, it can bring up all your stuff. And if you are feeling scared about money and growing your business, today's blog and process will help you.

Business can feel scary.  But really, business isn't that hard. There are thousands of articles, You Tube's, speeches and books you can read to master almost any business strategy and model. 

What really keeps you stuck in your business, stalled in your income, sabotaging your success, feeling overworked, or afraid of expanding is the pressure of your fears.  Your money mindset and your relationship with money and abundance.

Your business growth. Your bank account. Your feelings about what is possible for you when it comes to earning, saving, receiving and generating money are all tied to your beliefs about money. This is your money mindset.

So it makes sense that transforming your relationship with money will transform your experience with money.  

The key is unearthing the source and origin of your fears, the negative beliefs and the limiting stories you hold around money.  

Inside of my Money Mastery Academy, we use a very specific process and framework to shed the limiting beliefs, break through fears and create powerful shifts in beliefs, habits and behavior. 

The Million Dollar Framework For Shifting Fear & Limiting Money Beliefs

Here is the framework:

  1. Identify the fear.
    What is the fear, negative belief or limiting story?

  2. Get Curious. Question and Investigate.
    What is the origin story? Look at the evidence. Is it true or false? 

  3. How do you hold yourself back?
    What are the habits, emotions, or limiting beliefs that come up for you and sabotage you?

  4. Rewrite It & Rewire It.
    Create a new belief and anchor it in.

Let's break it down.

Each of us, thinks about 60-70 thousand thoughts a day. And only 5% of those thoughts are actually consciously created directed thoughts. The other 95% are what we call subconscious. Thoughts, beliefs and emotions that we picked up through our life experience, as children, what we learned from our parents and significant events in our lives. You were not born with an impoverished mindset, it's something you learn. But these beliefs are not your fault. And the good news is you can change them! 

Beliefs sets like "Money doesn't grow on trees" or "You have to work hard for money" or "It's selfish to get what I want."

Your subconscious mind operates like a short order cook.

Its main job is to validate and execute on the thoughts you think or the directions it receives. So if you have a subconscious belief that it's "hard to make money", it's going to help you arrange circumstances, events and emotions to make making money hard. 

Here is a powerful truth. You are NOT your thoughts. You are the observer and the DIRECTOR of your thoughts.  You can choose the thoughts you think, reframe how how you think about money and abundance, and rewire in new beliefs that interrupt the patterns of habit that are your own unique brand of self sabotage when it comes to money and abundance.

You can break through whatever fear, negative story or limiting belief that is holding you back when it comes to money and abundance.

I know, because I did. And I have helped hundreds of women do the same.

Check in with your current money mindset.

Ask yourself:

  • I am holding myself back in any way? (Think about the belief sets you have about money.)
  • Can you imagine yourself as a successful, empowered and prosperous person? 
  • Do you believe you deserve to make amazing amounts of money?
  • What are you afraid of if you make more money?
  • What is your biggest fear around making more money?

Here is an example of the process I led one of my Money Mastery Academy students through.

YOU can use this same process to create a shift, shed the limiting belief, stop the sabotaging habits and behaviors and break through the fear holding you back. 

Step 1: Identify the fear.

Me: What is the fear or limiting belief holding you back from money and abundance.

Client: Money can't buy happiness.

Step 2. Get Curious. Question it and investigate the fear.
What is the origin story. Look at the evidence. Is it truly or false? 

Me: Where did this belief come from? Where did you learn this?

Client: My mom used to always say this. And she wasn't very happy. But she also never had much money. It was a struggle. 

Me:  What if you let her own that story and decided to create your own?

Client: That would be really freeing.

Me: Ok, so...what makes you happy?

Client: Being with friends. Listening to music. I love traveling. Playing with my dog. Tipping generously. Buying gifts for my friends. Having a business and work that I love.

Me: Does money support those things?

Client: Yes. Absolutely.

3. How do you hold yourself back?

Me: How do you hold yourself back? How does this fear and belief show up day to day?

Client: I procrastinate on money making actions, like going after bigger contracts. I don't follow up on outstanding invoices and so I loose out on easy money.

4. Rewrite It & Rewire It.

Ok. Let's create a new belief and anchor it in.

Client: How about, "Money supports happiness."

Me: Ok, how does that feel? 

Client: Well, having money is fun, but making money isn't always fun. 

Me: Sounds like it still feels limited. Like there is another belief or fear to breakthrough. Ok, so would it be worth your time to create work that is both lucrative and fun? 

Client: That feels good. Yes. it would be worth it. 

Me: What if you rewrote this belief to be "I make making money fun." How does that feel?

Client: Really good. I love that. I'm going to keep that one. And when it feels hard, or I want to go back to the old story. This is my new belief, "I make making money fun!" Because, why not?! Of course it can be fun!


This process is powerful. Take some time to look at your fears and the negative stories and beliefs about money. Walk yourself through the million dollar framework. 

It's worth spending some time to identify the fears, and rewrite new beliefs that interrupt the pattern of self sabotage and hold you back! You'll be amazed at how quickly the fear can shift.

You got this!

Abundance is yours.



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