When Your Partner Isn't On The Same Page When It Comes To Money

Hey Beautiful,

Got a partner who's not quite up to speed with you on your money or growth journey? Or people in your life who aren't supportive of the changes you are making?

This is so common! 

But it doesn't have to hold back your growth or dreams. 

Here’s the truth: You get to have what you want, regardless of if your partner is on board or not. (Same applies to friends and family.)

Click here to watch a quick 2 minute video where I talk all about this:

It’s not your responsibility or your job to convince them to join you or to change them. It’s not your responsibility to get them to read the books you are reading, to think the same way as you, or to make them invest in the growth programs you are into.

Your job is simply to stay true to your own path and yourself. 

Your responsibility is to use what you are learning to be the most abundant and highest expression version of you that you can be. And maybe they will see the light and transformation in you and be inspired. And maybe not.

One way to keep yourself grounded in your own abundance Is to set clear boundaries and standards for yourself. 

Decide what you are no longer available for: 

I’m not available for getting stuck in stories of scarcity and lack. 
I’m no longer available for complaining or saying we can’t afford that. 

Claim what you are available for:

I'm available for dreaming with you, and for celebration.
I’m available for gratitude and appreciation. 
I’m available for savoring the moments.
I’m available for thinking creatively. 

And anything like that in the realm of money is where I want to go...

I am changing my reality. You are welcome to join me or not. But I’m no longer open to conversations that strangle the abundance out of the moment.

Some will come with you on the journey, others won’t. 

Stay true to your values and your commitment to your personal healing, abundance and evolution. 

The more you maintain your boundaries and keep yourself open, the more likely you are to find people that back you up, inspire you, support you and challenge you to be better.

Let me know how this lands for you. Have you struggled with this?

Over on my IG today, as part of the Money Breakthrough challenge we had a whole conversation about it. You can join me here.

Abundance is yours.




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