Who do you want to be?

Uncategorized Feb 08, 2022

There are so many times in my life where asking this question…

 “How can you start to embody the woman you want to become right now?”

… was the wake up call and transformation creating shift I needed.

And all those moments, are eventually what led me to create
Embodying Your Future Self — a wealth-building and paradigm-shifting practice that I explain and teach inside of Money Mastery Academy and my business coaching.

Embodying Your Future Self - or stepping into Being Her NOW - is to envision the kind of person you want to become, and then start to be that person, right now.

That means you need to take the action steps that will lead you to the life you want.

It starts with answering the question, “How can you start to embody the woman you want to become?”

Here’s one way to begin…👇

Create a “To BE” list for yourself. Write down your name at the top. Then write “This Is Me Embodying My Highest Self. ”

Follow that by writing down all the ways you imagine your highest self-being.

✨Write down what she does.
✨Write down how she makes decisions.
✨Write down who she surrounds herself with.
✨Write down what she invests in.
✨Write down her income.
✨Write down her impact on the world.
✨Write down where she travels, how she feels in life, what she does for fun, how she cares for herself.
✨Write down how her relationships with her spouse, significant other… family, kids, etc feel.
✨Write down how she allows in support.
✨Write down how she talks to herself.
✨Write down how she dresses, what she adorns herself with.
✨Write down how she believes in herself, how she feels in her body, what she loves about herself and her life.
✨Write down whatever else feels important to you, when you think about BEING her now.


All of it.

Then pick one thing and start being her now.

While everyone else is talking about it, BE about it.

Then keep going.

Before you know it, this is who you will be.

Who do YOU want to BE👇?

Abundance is yours.



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