Why We Resist Change & How To Let Go of Negative Thoughts

The truth is, we resist change. We like homeostasis. We want things to be the same.

Some of the work that I am so blessed to do is taking women from the old stories and the old conditioning about money, abundance, and not feeling worthy... to shifting out of that fear and into freedom, ease, abundance.

Even positive change or big events that are positive such as coming into surplus money can trigger fear. Growing your business, asking for the raise, or raising your rates - all of this is good stuff, and it can trigger fear.

Your brain is wired from an evolutionary standpoint to keep you safe. Fear activates the sympathetic nervous system. Any sign of shifting out of your normal thought patterns, habits of behavior, beyond your comfort zone puts your brain on notice that danger may be coming...and it triggers a whole host of things to happen including preparing you to fight, take flight or freeze.

But the reality is... most of the things that trigger us to feel fear these days are not actual dangers.

Most of your fears, are likely just a mindset you need to shift.

This is a powerful realization. Because, if it's a mindset, it becomes a choice.

You are not your thoughts. You are the creator and the observer of your thoughts. An important distinction.

It's a choice to let your mind hold you hostage or not.

You create the thoughts and pictures in your head about what's possible. Then you hold yourself, your capability to create your impact, your ability to live out your purpose, your potential to create abundance --- to the images, thoughts, and visions in your head. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy.

It’s that simple. It’s not more complicated.

It’s just a bunch of thoughts.

You can always choose new ones that uplift you and empower you.

Here's my method for eliminating the negative thought patterns and fear behind it and rewiring more positive thoughts in its place. You can watch me walk through this process on the blog: 

How To Break A Negative Thought Pattern:

1. Recognize the pattern - what's the fear or negative belief?

2. Allow yourself to FEEL the emotions without judgment

3. Find the EVIDENCE that the negative thought is simply a thought and isn't the TRUTH

4. REFRAME the negative thought and choose a more supportive thought or belief

5. Choose the positive thought to REWIRE it as a belief

Abundance is yours.



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