Why You May Be Avoiding Investing In Yourself

Hey Gorgeous,

There's nothing else that could guarantee a better return on investment than investing in you.

If you aren't thinking about yourself this way, NOW is the time to start! The truth is, every time you invest in yourself it's going to help you expand and make more money.

But the reality is few women invest in themselves. And I'm not talking about a facial, getting a pedicure or a new handbag.

I'm talking about things that expand you, make you better, ignite your happiness, grow your skills, make you feel more connected, help develop you personally, or give you tools to grow your business...and make more money.

Here's the conundrum: most women will invest in the stock market, their kids, real estate, a friend's business, supporting their spouse...before they will invest in themselves.

So, why is it we will invest in everything and everyone else and not ourselves?

Today on my blog and YouTube, we are talking about shifting this paradigm, so we can start to see ourselves as the ASSET. We are talking about how we can move beyond this money and abundance block to see spending money on our growth as a means to upgrade and reach our next level of income and impact.

What could be better than committing to your growth, investing in it, stepping into your next level and expecting expansion?

It's time to release this money block and stop the self sabotage of our own expansion and growth for good.

Inside this episode, we explore:

  • The issue with too few women investing money in themselves
  • What happens when you choose to invest in yourself
  • The 3 big blocks that women face when investing in themselves
  • What it looks like for YOU to start investing in yourself

Watch it here: Why Women Don't Invest In Themselves?

Investing in yourself is NOT optional if you want to grow, it's essential. It's a must do. A critical component to becoming the next level version of you, who creates her next level impact.

After you listen and watch the video, REPLY back to this email or leave a comment and let me know your biggest ah-ha!

Abundance is yours.



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