You are Allowed to Have a Business that Supports You

What if your business could serve your life, not the other way around?

My business is a big part of my life.

It’s my mission, my passion, and part of my purpose.

And it’s also a job. Which means I get to make up the rules about how I work it, what I focus on and when I work.

I can take a day off, and so can you!

It’s ok to create a business as a vehicle to support your life.

I used to feel guilty any time I took time off during the day. I felt compelled to always be working in my business (and let's be real... after the workday was done, I also felt like I had to be working in my house  - cleaning, cooking, and tidying all the time too!)

Many of us were TAUGHT and inherited the cultural belief that our worth is equal to our productivity. And if we aren't working...or producing, we must be doing something wrong, be bad, or somehow failing in the game.

I've had to slowly clear this abundance block by forcing myself to rewire this belief set to one that says, "My business serves my life. I'm allowed to have a business that supports me. It's ok to take time off, take breaks and not work all the time!"

I schedule exercise into my calendar every day. And sometimes that means I go for a long walk during the middle of the work-day.

I have put time limits on my calendar for when I'm available to meet with clients.

I make time to read books just for FUN, books that aren't just about business or advancing my craft.

Doing these things hasn't made me any less productive. If anything, I've eliminated the wasted time being "busy" and instead I'm more in ALIGNMENT. I can actually focus more on what matters.

YOU get to make up the rules in YOUR own life and business.

Ask yourself, what do you need to create a bit more presence, abundance, alignment and joy in your routine? How can you fill your cup?

A mid-day power walk?
A day off?
To drink more water?
To block your calendar for some coveted "me time"?
A change of workspace?
A coach?
A date with your best friend?
A weekend get-away?

Whatever that thing is for you, I challenge you to go DO IT, or schedule it in!

Abundance is yours.



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