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Hey Beautiful,

One of the most common abundance blocks I see so many brilliant sabotaging themselves with is an underlying belief, just under the surface that...⁠

“It only counts if I work really hard.”⁠

Is this you?⁠

Inside my most recent video blog we talked all about WHY your next level begins with choosing ease. This conversation will remind you that you no longer have to subscribe to an outdated notion that everything has to be hard to be worth it. You no longer have to struggle to prove you are enough. 

You can listen and watch it here: Your Next Level Begins With This.

This very common work hard belief impacts your everyday actions.⁠

⁠If you believe you have to work really hard - then you'll resist getting help and you'll feel the need to always reinvent the wheel. You'll sabotage things in a million easy ways. 

You will find yourself out of energetic harmony in a hyper state of hustle, push, and force. All of which is leaving you with a frazzled nervous system, poor self care and relationships and eventually burning out.⁠

⁠⁠Most of us have spent our lives believing it has to be hard. We are addicted to things being hard. 

And although it may feel like the “norm” for things to be hard, the truth is it may be common, but it’s not your natural state. 

We’ve just been taught that it is..….it’s part of our vernacular and our culture.

Check in, does this sound familiar:

  • You're as good as what you do.
  • If it’s not hard, it’s not success.
  • Rest means your lazy.
  • You have to prove your worth…
  • You have to earn your wholeness.
  • If you are having too much fun, you're not working hard enough.
  • Play is only for kids.
  • Struggle is just the way it is.

This is the trap that leads us to believe, “once I make it hard enough and achieve the thing, then I will be successful, wealthy, happy, liked...etc….and then I can let it be easier.”

Be honest, have you been hustling, struggling, and burning yourself out to create the things you desire and the success you have today.

Have you been operating with incredibly high levels of control, judgement, and expectation? Feeling like you have to hustle, feeling depleted by worry, and anxiety?

I know you know this, but I'm going to say it anyways -- it’s not helpful.

Ask yourself, is this what you want? 

You probably would agree – that this way of operating NOT ONLY doesn’t feel good, it's not what you want..

And interestingly, it's exactly what is keeping you from your next level...from the abundance you desire...the money you want...and the joy, ease, wealth and powerful impact and happiness you deserve.


The truth is the state of EASE that you deserve and desire comes from INSIDE. 

Ease is an energy. Ease is a decision. Ease is a choice. Ease is  an abundance code.

When you truly embody the energy of ease, things can be falling apart around you and you are still standing - solid, feeling good, calm, and going with the flow. 

When you embody the energy of ease, you aren’t emotionally hijacked or taken over by other people’s drama, you can stand solid, calm, and confident.

When you embody ease, you don’t feel the need to fix other peoples problems.

When you embody ease, you stop feeling the need to reinvent the wheel or over complicate things that can be simple.

When you embody ease, you can approach difficult conversations and instead of panicking and feeling racked by anxiety, you can handle them with grace and confidence.

When you embody ease, you trust yourself and feel empowered to take bigger risks because you know you can handle it.

When you embody ease, you ask for the support you need and you let it in. 

When you embody ease, you no longer feel afraid to let in bigger amounts of money, because you value your worth and you can trust yourself to manage money, utilize it and direct it powerfully.

When you choose know that how you feel and who you are isn’t dependent on outside circumstances. It’s no longer conditional. 

This is BIG. Ease is a choice.

When you are in the energy of ease -- you are EXPANSIVE. Your energetic frequency raises, the energy about you becomes lighter, brighter, more magnetic.

It’s automatic.

The things you desire become more in reach. Your actions are aligned. Everything you do becomes more fun, less heavy, more in flow.

Let me know, what are you choosing? 





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