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Online Courses & Guided Meditations

Choose from one of our powerful online courses and offerings to help you bust through your abundance blocks and become a money magnet.

Money Mastery Academy 

- Signature Course & Community - 

Money Mastery Academy is a transformational course and community to lead you step by step to clear your money blocks, reprogram your money mindset and create an empowered relationship with money that allows you to attract, earn and receive money with ease.

Inside this program, women learn the tools to confidently command their worth, and earn and receive money with ease. 

BONUS: This course includes all of the mini-courses and meditation bundles!  



Transform Your Relationship With Money

- $97 -

Begin to transform your relationship with money through four quick videos lessons, powerful homework and guided meditations.  Get clear about your money goals, shift out of old lack and scarcity money stories and bridge into abundance.

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Money Breathrough Bootcamp

- $47 -

Clear money and abundance blocks, upgrade you financial blueprint and create a new relationship with money. This course includes five video lessons, breakthrough homework assignments and powerful tools.

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Be The CEO: Unlock Abundance

- $47  -

Up-level your abundance, uncover your money story, elevate the financial vision for your business and create a roadmap for success. This course includes 3 short videos and transformational workbooks to unlock abundance in your business.

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Guided Meditations & Visualizations

Abundance Meditation Bundle

SPECIAL OFFER $11 ($97 Value)

Two powerful meditations to release resistance to money, own your worth and feel totally comfortable and at ease with money. Infused with 432Hz vibe music and powerful affirmations.

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10 Powerful Guided Meditations

SPECIAL OFFER $22 ($97 Value)

Step into receiving your desires, releasing resistance, and tapping into your true abundance with these powerful guided meditations and visualizations. All in a downloadable format.

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