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Create a loving relationship with money and
up-level your income without working harder.

Starts January 2, 2023

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This is for you if...    

...Your ready to create a loving relationship with money that feels rich, joyful and calm.

...You're overwhelmed, burned out and want hit your goals without having to work harder.

... Business feels lonely and you don't have friends or mentors who you can talk to about your goals and fears.

...You're ready to finally make your business dreams happen and hit 6 or 7 figures this year.

...You know your money mindset needs work and you're ready to up level.

In this FREE challenge you'll get...

21 Days of Money Breakthrough Steps

Daily practical and action oriented challenge activities to support transformational shifts and money breakthroughs.


Highly practical and inspiring training workshop exploring the money blocks of your past, present and future.

Community & Accountability

Support, accountability and mentorship to answer your questions.

Special Offer, Prizes & More

Special offer, prize give-aways and much more!!

And you'll learn...

  • Proven money mindset strategies to release past money blocks and clear negative money memories.
  • Why your stuck at a certain “Energetic Income Level” and how to increase it.
  • Goal setting and visualization tools to take your business to new heights in 2023.
  • Step-by-step process to increase your income by uncovering money blocks and unconscious beliefs.
  • Practical mindset shifts to avoid money fears, hustle or burnout this year.

Each day you will will feel more and inspired and empowered to take control of your relationship with money and make this a breakthrough year. Replace anxiety and money stress with a sense of calm and joy!

We start January 2, 2023

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  • A feeling that money is consistent, stable, reliable and natural.
  • Total confidence in your ability to create massive results in your business.
  • A belief that you deserve to be abundantly compensated for your good work. You own your worth and value it appropriately.
  • Elevated standards and expectations paired with solid strategies that allow you to earn, make, receive, generate and save money with ease.
  • A deep knowing that money is a tool to help you fulfill your purpose and live your best life.
  • A practical roadmap to help you create more impact and make more money with waaay more flow.
  • A sense of knowing that you are living your soul’s purpose.

It’s possible, you just need the know how.


Listen to the results from past Money Breakthrough Challenge participants. 


Leannes Results

  • Launched a new product that made more money in one month, than her total revenue the year prior!
  • Broke free of limiting beliefs about money.

Megan's Results:

  • Increased her monthly "side gig" income by $2000 monthly and grew her team!

  • Released old money stories and her anxiety around money.

Tara's Results:

  • Crushed major imposter syndrome and self-doubt and doubled her team sales.

  • Eliminated money blocks plaguing her for years.

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I’m the Founder of Money Mastery Academy.

I coach and mentor women business leaders and entrepreneurs to master their money mindset, own their worth, and take profitable action steps to create a bolder business and a bigger bottom line.

I founded my company with one mission: to help women become abundant, wealthy, and empowered.

I’ve helped hundreds of clients across 5 continents use their soul's purpose, to create massive impact and make meaningful money.

I’m excited to teach you the fundamental mindset shifts and practical business strategies that have helped me go from broke and overwhelmed to a massively abundant woman. I bring all my experience of 15 years in corporate as a 6 & 7 Figure earner, author, keynote speaker, coach, and CEO of 2 multiple six-figure online businesses to help YOU up level your money game!


You’ll get the exact same tools my clients are using to expand their profits and build a bigger bottom line.


You’ll get the exact same tools my clients are using to expand their profits and build a bigger bottom line.

You're done with burnout and want more…

You have vision in your veins and fire in your heart - but you don't want to be stuck in overwhelm or sacrifice your health, sanity or family to make more money and an impact!

  • Despite all the training and desire in the world, you're missing a crucial mindset and alignment piece when it comes to your relationship with money.
  • You don't know HOW to make more money. Right now, working more seems like the only way to earn more.
  • You want to do your work in a way that's high vibe, monetizable, grounded, and practical, without feeling guilty about charging for your work.
  • You're tired of flying solo. You crave accountability and want a tribe of strong and unapologetically real sisters by your side.


Then this 21 Day Challenge is the sign from the Universe you’ve been calling in!


At the end of this challenge, you will have a plan for how you can generate meaningful money doing what you love in your business without working harder.

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We start January 2, 2023.

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