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"In working with Alexandra I have found solid ways to work through the negative beliefs I had with money. I used to have anxiety when a curve ball was thrown my way either personally or in business. With her meditations and program I have seen the shifts for me. I was promoted with my side hustle, and feeling more confident and secure, I stepped out of my comfort zone with my day job to apply for a new position. Having the courage to take the step was big.

Connecting with Alexandra and her programs speak to me. This is more than a standard coaching program about money. The connection and purpose go much deeper, to help propel you on your journey. I look forward to seeing you there!"

- Katie Miskovic | Chicago, Illinois

"When I decided to join Money Mastery Academy, I knew that I had to change my story around money. This program, and the wonderful community of women has made a much larger impact than just my money story! Alexandra talks of Abundance – a lot! I realized that I had never expected to experience abundance, and perhaps had only tied that to money. One of my first big shifts was realizing that the Abundance talked about in the Bible was meant for me too! I began to be open to experiencing Abundance in my life. This past February, I was able to fulfill a dream of mine to go on a Viking Cruise with my girlfriend, and truly enjoy and celebrate the whole experience. I’ve attended workshops in my industry, and been inspired to revive a business I am passionate about, and it’s all coming together effortlessly! Alexandra and this community she has created is a gift for us all!"

Bev Dwane | Canada

"I just wanted to tell you, thank you for the great call yesterday! I’ve done a ton of coaching, classes, learning… but your course is exceeding all my expectations!!!!

Specifically, module 5, has been a GAME CHANGER FOR ME!!! I took screen shots of the slides showing the shifts! Put them in a file on my phone and I read them every morning! Part of my daily practice!

Some results: I’ve went from zero to closing five new listings this month since doing this work. I got a message from one of my partner agents yesterday, with an unexpected commission check for $10k.

Overall, I feel so much closer to my purpose! Thank you! It’s a miracle I found you!"

Dawn Loding |  New Braunfels, Texas

"Alexandra's authenticity around living what she teaches, drew me into the program. Discovering and unpacking limiting beliefs and stories I did not even know I had around money, inspired me to dig deeper. Shifts in my feelings about the abundance I can receive and experience in my life, inspire me to keep working towards my dreams and to apply the tools I have learned! I love Alexandra's approach to combine spirituality and practicality to master your money mindset!"

-Katharina Steurzl | Fredericksburg, Pennsylvania

"Hey Alexandra! I wanted to share with you that since I signed up with your program, I was overworked and underpaid, but I took a chance on looking for a remote job and set my minimum pay for double what I was making. Guess what- when they asked what I wanted to be paid they ended up paying me $5000 more than I asked. I work part time from home making double what I was making and working less. I have time and space to follow my dreams now of helping people with mental illness.

Before your group I was a slave to a 9-5 and had no time for my family or my dreams. Now I have time for everything.

I also manifested my dream home. Before we wouldn’t have had the money to do this but because I paid off all my debt and freed up the extra cash I was making we can afford it with money left over.

I did your meditations and followed the course. I plan on going through it again as my dreams are expanding. I never thought a year ago that I would be in this abundant place in life. It’s just the beginning of course but I’m well on my way to total financial freedom. Thank you!"

Tracye Coorpender Bergeron | Pineville, Louisiana

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"Since joining Money Mastery I have been able to finally shift from the mentality that I need to bulldoze my way through life in order to be successful…it’s safe to rest and I’ve found so much more happiness in the flow of life! With Alexandra’s help, I’ve been able to narrow down where to invest my time and energy to increase my income and eliminate the fluff. My team has DOUBLED and I feel more connected to them and my customers than I ever have! Much of my success with Money Mastery is yet to come, but I’m so happy with how I’ve been able to clear so many money and life blocks, learned how to communicate with myself and others better, and to be frank - cut through my own bullshit so I can strive to embody my highest self!"

Sarah Wellington |  New York, USA

"I manifested a huge refund out of nowhere for almost $10K that first month of the course. Then, during your course, I wrote one of the 'dream prosperity checks' for $2M and kept thanking God in advance for receiving it. I had another prosperity check for making $5K a month part time as I'm also a mom of 7 kids! I'm now making the exact $5K a month and have been for quite some time! We have also decided to sell an investment property we bought originally for $160K and it appraised at $2M! The EXACT amount of that check I dreamed up in your course! I'm going back through the modules AGAIN, because it just gets better each time. Thank you.

-Candice Pertuis | Louisiana, USA

"Money Mastery has helped me claim the big vision I have for my life.  Throughout the course, I was able to to recognize and start to release the money blocks and stories that were keeping me from receiving the abundance I deserve.  I am now leaning into fully trusting that money is constantly flowing to me and that I truly can create a successful business that is joyful and aligned.  Alexandra is full of wisdom and holds space for you to change how you see money + how you receive money.  The journaling, the videos, the meditations are transformational.  And I am so grateful."

- Jodie Owen | Canada

"I have had my best business months! I adore the program and especially love all the bonus tools and meditations. I use them all the time. Alexandra and her amazing space in Money Mastery is responsible for so much of my success!"

- Judy PottingerPanama

"Going through Money Mastery helped me identify limiting beliefs around bringing more abundance into my life, and my business - beliefs that I never even knew I held!

One of my main limiting beliefs is that somehow I'm not worthy of all the abundance that I desire - or that it makes me 'materialistic', 'unrealistic' or 'fancy'!

Just this awareness has been transformational. The great thing is that as you continue the work of breaking down those barriers keeping you stuck or holding you back all you desire, the MM training and community are there to support you."

- Jennifer Cook | California, USA


"I was able to identify the real 'issue' around money and steadily work to overcome the energetic blocks to my abundance. 

I LOVE having real TOOLS I can use again and again to stay in alignment with my financial goals."

-Sarah Krippner | Georgia, USA

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"In this program, Alexandra blends mindset work, proven strategy, and her unique, vibrant brand of pure MAGIC and visionary leadership. The most valuable part of Money Mastery Academy for me were not only the in-depth lessons and workbooks within the modules, but also the guided meditations and the monthly coaching calls. This is what I feel really allowed me to get the specific guidance to make serious strides in my finances and business. I'm actually building an "abundance plan," as Alexandra calls it, instead of just viewing that as a "someday if I'm lucky" pipe dream. I'm getting out of debt. Closing clients. Securing speaking and presenting gigs. Alexandra's work, especially in this course, has been an integral part of the journey. Thank you, Alexandra!"

Meredith Newlin | Colorado, USA

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"Before Money Mastery, I held pride in being 'poor'. Even though I wasn't poor! But I lived that way! It was an old legacy from my family upbringing. I no longer feel that way! I know now that being wealthy and empowered is how I can make an impact! This is work is EXCITING! I have had my BEST business months (just since enrolling in this course!)

Also, every night, I fall asleep and replay your meditation for abundance. I have found that when I say the words in my mind, 'I am open to receiving abundant wealth. I love money and money loves me. I can do so much more good with lots of money, etc.' I wake up to new customers. THANK YOU!!!" 

Beth Bowman | Louisiana, USA

"One of my biggest aha’s from Money Mastery was in working on pricing in my business. I have overcome obstacles in the past and offer high-ticket programs, yet with my new program I was under valuing what I was bringing forth.

I was projecting onto my audience things that weren’t true because of my own fears.
The work in Money Mastery and with Alexandra helped me to work through my fear of pricing my product not only in market value, but in a value that sat right for me and is now an attainable part of my own personal plan for success."

- Sandra Scaiano New Jersey, USA

"Alexandra, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you. Thank you for helping me and other women see their worth and feel empowered to own their dreams. I'm actually DOING it and launched my business. I'm making more money than ever before! You have been an incredible blessing in my life and I wanted you to know I am grateful for you."

- Debi Choi |Kentucky, USA


"Money Mastery Academy helped me uncover my broken thinking about money that was keeping me stuck in my business. Through the meditations and journal work, I was able to release beliefs and in the process also find a renewed sense of confidence and worth. Before I was working on all the stuff, it just wasn't the right stuff. As a result of Money Mastery, I'm having some of the biggest income-generating months in my business. The shift of momentum is incredible, including having my first $10K month!" (Note: Jen has gone on to have $50K- $60K launches and more! She broke through recently to a $260k year in total flow!")

- Jennifer Conger Nebraska, USA

"I am celebrating and giving thanks today for receiving my first large sum of money since I began with the course. I rose above many barriers to get here. I know the work is just starting, but for now, I am practicing and celebrating receiving with gratitude."

- Cami Forester | Colorado, USA

"After going through the modules and working with Alexandra on the coaching calls, I decided to double my goal!!! I actually ended up making 4 times my goal the first month!!! If you want to go BIGGER take her Money Mastery course. You won't regret it! The coaching calls are gold!"

- Amy Minyard | Kentucky, USA

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"Working with Alexandra and her Money Mastery Course has certainly jump started a journey for me that I didn’t realize I needed. As a mom, wife, teacher and business owner, I needed the push to get real about my finances in my business and in our personal life.

Alexandra was able to show me how to do this. I am getting clear on what I have now and what I WILL have.

Alexandra has also helped me to see that I am capable of having whatever it is that I desire. I now know that it is a desire of mine because it is meant to be mine. I have a lot of work to do, but she has laid it out for me to do this incredible work.

The best part is cheering everyone else on and hearing their success stories!"

- Allison Murphy | New York, USA



"Alexandra Taketa's Money Mastery Academy is a practical, heart-centered journey and supportive community led by an inspired, intuitive soul that will help you, finally, uncover your divine worth!

I went from "I strive to believe that I have abundance." to "I am working on being the embodiment of a wealthy woman." to "I am abundant." to "I am a wealthy woman."

Alexandra's Money Mastery Academy is transformational!"

- Heidi Esther | Illinois, USA

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"And it begins. I am just soaking up all the feelings & excitement from my “I said yes” early bird 1:1 with Alexandra I had today. There is some serious alignment happening for me that validates this is the time to do the work.

I had some pretty powerful “ah-ha!” moments during the money breakthrough course. Since then, I have felt more myself than I have in ages. I am a therapist for my “big girl job” and I have felt uncertainty and elements of imposter syndrome drip away. As a result, my sessions have been truly incredible & productive.

Although the initial attraction to the Money Mastery course was to support my direct sales business growth….I’m already noticing this is about MY growth. The impacts it has on my business will be a perk"

- Kacie Grey | Michigan, USA

"I started Alexandra's Money Mastery course back in early 2020 and have been thru it 4 times now. Our money stories, beliefs, and actions are always evolving and growing. Even if you have been doing this work for years or it is new to you, it continually serves you with new value each time you go thru it. It will challenge you at every level in a good way!

I deeply connected with Alexandra's light and positive energy from the beginning, and she has been a gift from God in my life! Working with Alexandra in Money Mastery, the GROW Circle, Meditation Method, and some private coaching helped me to increase my performance by helping me solidify a perspective of "ease and flow" in my business, to gain clarity in areas I needed to "start or stop doing", and to up level my mindset after a season of great hardship, transition, and growth. It also helped me step forward into my true callings instead of staying hidden behind what was familiar."

- Karen Smith| Colorado, USA

"Love love love the change in my mindset and approach to life thanks to the course, meditations and Alexandra Barton Taketa!
I have a large refund from something due to me and instead of stressing about it, I KNOW the money is on its way and will arrive just at the right timing.
I know that my life (in many ways) is happening just as it should. No stress, no forcing things. I know they will happen because I am worthy!

- Rachel Edwards | Tennessee, USA

"At the beginning of the year Alexandra posted in exercise on her Instagram about speaking what you want into existence. I honestly can’t remember exactly what the process was, but I did it and I shared it with to incredibly supportive friends. A few days ago I realized that I achieved all of my goals, except for one, but the closed border from US and Canada is holding me back for now. The goals didn’t happen to me exactly as I thought they would, but they happened nonetheless and I am super happy and grateful for the amazing abundance in my life."

- Melanie Wolff  | Nebraska, USA

"My goal was to earn $10K during the first month in the course and I did! I have accomplished many of the goals -- maintaining my farm, renting out my property and creating a sustainable passive income for myself. The changes have been real financially, but along the way I have rediscovered my true abundance."

- Margherita Cerlenizza | New South Wales, Australia

As a result of Money Mastery Academy, my view of my financial future has completely changed. I used to be very pessimistic and wonder if I ever could be financially free. I have no doubt now, I will get there. The combination of the coaching, videos, meditations and hearing from other women has given me the courage to go after the money that I desire. Just be raising my vibration daily through gratitude for what I have and what is coming has already brought synchronicities into my life. Our family income has increased and we have just bought a brand new home that was recently our of our reach. Abundance is coming!"

- Panna Patel | California, USA

"I quickly realized that I have been leaving  lot of money on the table. Money Mastery opened my eyes to the various streams of income possible. I NOW have a plan and I'm taking the steps to get there. I'm dreaming WAY BIGGER, because I can see the unlimited possibilities."

-Tara LaMagna | New York, USA


"Last week, due to a someone else's mistake, I lost out on $900 in commission. I was totally bummed. But then, because of this course helping with my mindset, I didn't let myself stay there very long.

That night my husband came home & told me that his boss had approved overtime so he was going to do that.

Then, yesterday, I received good news that I was getting my commission because it was not my fault. Normally, I would have been very negative and really focused on losing the money but this time I was able to live in that abundance mindset and look what happened."

- Nicole Correnti Cowen | Pennsylvania, USA

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