A Wealthy Woman Looks like You

Part of clearing money blocks is working through your money stories and money beliefs.

Today, I’m challenging you to take it one step further and one layer deeper into claiming yourself as a wealthy woman.

This mindset lesson is straight out of my Money Mastery Academy and all about giving yourself permission to be wealthy and successful, exactly as you are now.

If you google ‘define wealth’ it comes back with the definition: an abundance of valuable possessions or money, a plentiful supply of a particular desirable thing.

What if that definition doesn’t fit your own — does it mean you can’t be wealthy?

No! Not at all.

You have permission to be wealthy ANY way that feels good to you- rocking your kicks or your Jimmy Choos! You can be a minimalist and live in a tiny house or have three homes and ‘all the things’.

You get to do you.

Even so, it's hard to ignore the mixed messages about what wealthy means... sometimes being wealthy is seen as a positive personal attribute. Or on the other extreme, totally misunderstood and shamed by others.

Sometimes wealthy people are perceived as super ambitious, clever, smarter than average, or hardworking.

Other times, being wealthy is demonized, and the rich are perceived as corrupt, manipulative, or greedy.

You get the point! Societies definition is off base.

It's time to claim your own definition of what being a wealthy woman means so YOU can own it unapologetically.

One of the exercises the money mavens in Money Mastery Academy go through is visualizing being rich.

Give it a go, it works like this...

Step One: Close your eyes and imagine what you think a "rich woman" looks like. What is she wearing? What are her characteristics? How old is she?

Write it all down. Then notice...do you even know anyone like this? Or is it some cartoonish visual or cliche from TV?)

Step Two: Do the same exercise for how you perceive a successful entrepreneur or leader looks. Is it the same? Or different?

Step Three: Visualize yourself as rich. Stand in front of a mirror and say, "This is what a wealthy woman looks like." In your journal write down how it makes you feel, notice the emotions that came up. Does it feel good? Weird? Conceited? Arrogant? Untrue?

Don't be afraid of what comes up. It's good information because it's giving you a window into your beliefs. Keep asking, "Why else can't I be rich?"

The more you do this exercise, and the more you claim that you are a wealthy woman, you more you will start to believe it possible. Because guess what? There are actually no requirements or secret lists. There is only what we tell ourselves.

Abundance is yours.



P.S. Go back and look for wealthy role models who look like you, or have a similar life story - if you need evidence. And if none exist, well, it's your turn to be the role model. Congratulations, you have been elected!

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