The Energetics Of Expansion, Flow And The Wealthy Abundant Woman

Hey Beautiful,

Do you anchor yourself into the past?

Or do you clearly see the freshness and availability of the present moment?

Become hyper aware of the moments you say...

"I've always been someone who..."

"In the past I've been..."

"I've always struggled with..."

"I have always..."

These statements hold emotional charge, anchoring you into a past version of you.

In all the statements you are summoning the past into the present.

When you summon the past you squeeze out the power of your present moment.

Here's the thing about the present moment >>> it's your infinitely creative power source.

If you want to jump timelines into an upgraded reality, you have to become aware of how and when you summon your past.

There's a time a place to summon the past...

>>To consciously process and heal

>>To gain wisdom and discernment

>>To tell stories of evidence and experience.

Yet to live anchored into a past identity is to limit yourself from all you're capable of being and seeing in the moment.

In order to create something "new" we must become present and expect new.

Expect it with certainty.

We must welcome the woman we've never been to lead us into new territory.

The energetics of embodying the well paid, wealthy, and abundant woman is a thing. And what happens to your body, your ability to create a new reality is nothing short of miraculous once you embrace this identity for yourself.

Today, we are talking all about it inside this powerful conversation: The Energetics of Expansion and The Wealthy Woman




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