Upgrading Your Life

Becoming abundant and making money isn’t just about buying more expensive stuff. It’s about deciding you are worth the “good life” and that you deserve to thrive no matter what.

Maybe you are used to searching for the “deals”, making do, overworking, over-giving or have just been tolerating stuff for years ... so much so that you don’t even know where to start.

There’s an art to upgrading your life and leveling up what you believe is possible.

Start with something small. Think about one thing that is an inconvenience, a bother, a habit, or something that annoys you that if you subbed out would help you feel more abundant.

Maybe it’s going to the salon rather than dying your own hair, having your house cleaned by a professional regularly, buying organic veggies, or ordering dinner out once a week.

It’s even more powerful if it feels symbolic.

For me, as a kid, I had to hang up all our clothes outside on the clothesline. We weren't allowed to used the dryer, because it cost too much. It took forever and was my least favorite task. Now, I have someone who helps me fold my laundry and put it away. To some this may seem absurd, but after many years of spending my nights with a endless pile of laundry ... I decided I could hire this task out and spare myself hours of housework. As an added bonus, I feel less frustrated and I'm more present because I'm not trying to "do it all".

It was a powerful way for me to upgrade my life.

What is one thing you can experiment with this week to support upgrading YOUR life?



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