When They CAN'T Afford You

How many times have you come across a client or a customer who says they would love to work with you or buy your products  - only they can't afford it?

A lot, am I right?

It sure did for me, and I can tell you it's not a good feeling.

You know you could really help them and it would be a great fit...but you also need to get paid and they can't afford it.

If you are anything like me, it can leave you feeling disappointed and discouraged.

Is there a way to avoid these awkward and painful conversations?

Lucky for you, there is!

All you have to do is screen your prospects and be open about the costs of working with you or the products you sell.

It's pretty simple and straightforward. And you can do it in a number of ways.

The simplest is just to put all the relevant information on your website. I list all my prices, unapologetically.

Be clear about who you prefer to work with and what it costs. (Or what your products are and the price point.) This will ensure that only people who are ready to commit contact you.

You would be surprised at the number of businesswomen who forget to remind clients and customers what the commitment costs or entails.

I was like this once!

Some of the people that contacted me were shocked they had to pay at all! They thought I worked for free!

Crazy right? It happens, believe me.

In fact, screening is one of the pillars and key systems that is critical to your business. It’s straightforward, honest, and shows people exactly what they can expect from you.

Don't be afraid to share your pricing and screen who can book time with you. Remember that your work has value and there is a price for that value.

When you own your worth, others will not only recognize it, they will willingly and happily pay you for the value you bring.

Abundance is yours.



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