Pricing Your Work

If you undervalue what you do, the world undervalues who you are. - Suze Orman

A simple question, but often difficult to answer, “So, how much does it cost?”

Why is this so hard for so many women entrepreneurs?

In working with hundreds...

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When They CAN'T Afford You

How many times have you come across a client or a customer who says they would love to work with you or buy your products  - only they can't afford it?

A lot, am I right?

It sure did for me, and I can tell you it's not a good feeling.

You know...

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4 Questions To Help You Find & Follow Your Heart’s Desire

Realizing dreams and desires is the magic part of life. Our dreams and goals drive our focus and thus create our reality. It's easy to get off track and lose focus of what you really want.

"It doesn't matter if your dream is to take an...

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