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Every woman deserves to be abundant, wealthy and empowered. Yes, YOU!

I am obsessed with helping women make amazing money, transform their money mindset and next-level their business - so they can create an impact doing what they love!

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Meet Your Guide

Meet Alexandra Taketa - authentic, determined and passionate. She is an old soul in modern times. Self-proclaimed manifesting queen. Former Fortune 100 executive turned entrepreneur, green juice enthusiast, mom and wife, fully committed to living her most abundant and beautiful life.

Whether it’s on stage, big smile and laugh, speaking and delivering inspirational teachings to a packed house of visionary women entrepreneurs, or through her powerful proprietary meditations, online courses and one-on-one coaching - Alexandra is fiercely committed to helping women become abundant.

Alexandra mixes business strategy and grounded practical tools with an intuitive twist.  She teaches her clients to master their mindset and creates accountability with action steps to amplify, accelerate and expand purpose and profits. She has successfully coached and inspired thousands to grow businesses, hone skills, and let go of all that keeps powerful women stuck.

"Women are the most untapped resource on the planet. Now is your time." - Alexandra Taketa

At the core of everything she does is a fierce passion for empowering women entrepreneurs to own their worth and step into their power, so they can create the impact and financial freedom they deserve. “Abundant empowered women change the world. It’s time to rise up to your purpose, own your worth, and call forth your brilliance .” 

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